Our History

Why were you established?

Accl Speed Foundation is a Non-Profit Corporation established in 2017 with the purpose of providing education opportunities in Pennsylvania.

Our defined goals are:

  • To give students the opportunity to pursue education (academic, technical, and career technology) domestically and abroad through financial support and scholarships.
  • Seek funds for charitable purposes and advocate for students in need.
  • Aid the expansion of facilities for community and post education conditions.

How does the Foundation help populations?

The Foundation actively seeks to increase financing from:

  • Business and Industry
  • Public and Private Foundations
  • Domestic & International Residents
  • Board Members

Benefits are used responsibly and reinvested in the communities and purposes intended.

The Foundation supports the central mission of Accl Speed by stimulating health and academic growth.

What have we done since 2017?

Through agreements with our partners:

  • Facilitated more than $40,000 in athletic scholarships to USA institutions on behalf of four students.
  • Supported two trade students internationally in Physical Education and English Teaching.
  • Supported two at risk students financially and with accommodation to ensure graduation.
  • Assisted one student with immigration applications to attend a religious trade school.
  • Assisted with a community development plan.

Why are we asking for your endowment?

  • Each year the demand for education financial support increases as families and organizations struggle to make ends meet.
  • Many students struggle to connect small needs such as books, toiletries and computers to help socially navigate academic environments.
  • Alternative academic retreats can help students gain a new perspective on life to seed lasting community change.
  • Student activity funds and staff development funds offer non-conventional benefits for overall development.

Why should you give during these times?

Students and innovators are the foundation of a fast changing world, we must support the very individuals who will implement change and maintain balance through internal qualities and acquired skills.

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